Transform, Stop Relapsing, Gain Confidence, Increase Your Attraction, Get Motivated, Become More.  
A Few Things You Will Learn:
  •  What To Do To Overcome The Urge In The Heat Of The Moment 
  •  The REAL Reason You're Relapsing (Might Be Uncomfortable & will need deep introspection)    
  •  How & Why No PMO Conquers Depression And Anxiety 
  •  Mechanics Of The Mind & How Porn Affects (Damages) It  
  • Processing Trauma (can be applied to dating, health, all aspects of life)
  •  How To Refocus Sexual Energy To Transform Your Life 
  •  How To Use Our Healing Techniques So You Can Never Relapse Again
  •   How To Use Our Relapse + Urge Analyst Worksheets To Help Prevent Relapses For Good
  •  Emotions You Will Feel During The Reboot & Why (Flatline) 
  •  Reprogram The Subconscious Mind To Reach 90 Day Success
3 Part Ebook Series
 (Beware - If You Actually Do What We Say, Relapsing Can Be A Thing Of The Past)
 (Value $67)

EBOOK 1 - Understanding

  •  Understanding The Chemical Changes + Effects On Our Psyche When PMO'ing 
  •  The SCIENCE behind You Struggling To Stop & Getting Hooked
  •  Processing Trauma
  •  Why Porn Causes ED, HOCD & Erosion Of Will-Power 
  •  Why It Causes Physical, Emotional & Control Impotence
  •  The CRUCIAL Reasons To Stop PMO'ing
  •  26 Reasons You Need To Stop PMO 
EBOOK 2 - Healing

  •  Understanding The Root Cause Of Why You PMO (CRUCIAL) 
  •  Why Porn Blockers & Changing Your Environment Alone Will Never Work + Will Eventually Lead To Relapsing
  •  Our Healing Techniques For Your Life So You Do Not Relapse Again +  Gain Self Love 
  •  What To Do In The Heat Of The Moment So You DO NOT Relapse 
  •  How To Deal With A Relapse Correctly
  •  Emotions You Will Feel During This Journey
EBOOK 3 - Stories Of PMO Addiction

  •  Relatable Stories To Help You & Make You Feel You Are Not Alone
  •  Stories Of The Flatline
  •  Successful  Stories Of The Journey
  •  Stories Of The Relapse & Binging
  •  Stories Of Female Attraction
The Fapping Kills Workbook & Planner - Here To Help You Through The Hard Times
 (Value $67)
Fapping Kills - 30 Day Workbook And Planner
  •  30 Day Workbook For You To Understand Why & Where You Get The Urges
  •  Allows You To Identify The Triggers & Why You Have Relapsed
  •  Allows You To Plan For Future Triggers In Order To Abstain & Have An Action Plan In Place
  •  Record Your Emotions 
Our Fapping Kills Specially Composed Meditation & Binaural Beats Series (Re-Programming Your Subconscious Mind) 
(Value $47)
Track 1 -  Motivation + Clearer Thinking
  •  Binaural Beat
  •   Clear Any Unwanted Thoughts & To Make You Understand Your Objectives For The day.
Track 2 -  Attraction
  •  Binaural Beat With Affirmations
  •  Specifically Made For Attraction
  •  Reprogramming Your Subconscious To Get Over Psychological Barriers When It Comes To Dating, Relationships, Confidence & Self Love. 
Track 3 - Addiction
  •  Binaural Beat With Affirmations
  •   Specifically Made To Help Treat Addiction And Re Program The Mind 
  •  This Range Of Frequency Tells A Person That They Are Satisfied & Free Of Experiences, Habits & Addictions Which No Longer Serve Them Positively (Very Powerful)
The Fapping Kills Resource Centre To Help You Destroy The 90 Day Reboot
  •  Includes No PMO /Self Development Youtube Channels
  •  Forums For Support
  •  Facebook Groups For Support & Advice 
  •  Supplements To Aid In Your Recovery
  •  Specialised Apps To Track Your Progress 
(Understand there is no special magic trick to quit, it's a journey, but Fapping Kills makes that journey happen a lot quicker, trust us, )
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